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Today is the April Fools Day to end all April Fools Days, finally

David Waldman would be bringing us the latest news and analysis, even if he was allowed out of the house.

Do you miss Michael Brown yet? Jake Sherman sums up Donald Trump’s heck of a job. Greg Dworkin’s segment is rated MA - L for language appropriate to the situation we find ourselves in. Trump was furiously MAGAing when Hell arrived, and pretending otherwise won’t help him now.

Everyone knows what the facts are, although political reporters sure do like Trump’s “tone”. That is why political reporters should be replaced with science reporters at the White House. It turns out Trump’s tone sounds best when he shuts up. The problem is, Trump is all talk and no action. Ask his old buddies Mike Francesa and Howard Stern.

This will all be over, sometime. (That is also the predicted delivery date for your coronavirus stimulus check.)

COVID-19 projections for each state, are unfortunately based on test availability and good behavior, and both are still in short supply. It doesn’t take two minutes to find grifters looking for pockets to pick, so of course Jared Kushner saw this as an ideal time to pick Daddy-in-law’s pocket. Sure, Senator Kelly Loeffler dumped stocks, but also invested in a company that makes COVID-19 protective garments.

You might worry that a nation dropping to its knees might be vulnerable to attack. Who knows, our enemies might be too busy.

Plus — Over in the Coronavirus Craft Corner we learn how to make a washable no-sew protective masks!

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