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Friday! A Good Friday, but far from a great Friday.

David Waldman sends us off by ourselves, but first a KITM:

Donald Trump just wishes he could wash his hands half as well as Pontius Pilate. The stains of this could last as long. Nonetheless, Trump plans to reopen America to coronavirus, ASAP. Donald’s plan would be to close our eyes, shove some of our kids outside and see if the Dow goes up. Important people, of course, would stay behind to repopulate the earth. Maybe they will keep the people that bring them stuff alive as well.

Donald’s been zooming with Vlad and Boney a lot lately, and it’s paying off. For Russia. Their sanctions simply went away, like a miracle.

Anyhow, it’s quiet… perhaps too quiet out there… Actually, it is almost perfectly quiet. You can hear nature healing.

COVID-19 begins to devastate Latin America. Scientists track the coronavirus disaster around the world. Google searches might predict emerging outbreaks, and our robot friends might be checking in on us to see how we are doing. Scientists (and others) might follow us on our phones to see if we have the ‘rona…  or to monitor our heart function, ECG, EKG, AFib... balance… blood sugar… Parkinson’s disease...

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