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David Waldman was an early adopter of social distancing years before it was cool. Like all of us,  David chafed a bit at the toilet paper deficit, although he doesn’t miss spiral ham all that much. Yet now, there’s a hair product shortage for us guys with problem hair? Well… we ask you to bear with us in these difficult times.

Church vs. State showdowns have demonstrated that the state can’t stop churches and churches can’t stop COVID-19. A meat plant closes after 293 workers test positive. The USS Theodore Roosevelt has 600 sailors ill with coronavirus, more than 500 after they fired the Captain, and now the first has died. George Stephanopoulos’ got it.

Greg Dworkin reports the latest on the apocalyptic fight between truth and propaganda, and for the moment, the truth seems to have a bit of an edge over deep-voiced gravitas-filled lying. Donald Trump even had to skip a couple of MAGA briefings while he determined how to handle scene-stealing extras.

Facts continue to come out, while Trump continues to assert that patriots should Never Remember. The Miami Herald sues Ron DeSantis to name elder-care facilities with coronavirus. 

We learned a few lessons after the 1918 flu pandemic, some we remembered, some we forgot over the years. Many states go it alone this time. While he’s at it, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam fixed many concerns all at once.

And all that is why Joe Biden has a teeny tiny teeny little lead. Joe still has time to turn this into a landslide as long as he doesn’t pick Joe Lieberman for veep, or Trump doesn’t kill the Post Office or the Constitution first.

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