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If it’s Tuesday, and there is David Waldman, there is KITM. David wouldn’t miss this for all the tea in Texas.

It turns out that those hoards of morons at state capitols are pretty small and insignificant. After all, news photographers get lonely and bored just like the rest of us. How big does a nexus of infectious superspreaders have to be, anyhow? Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina hope to find out soon, and will be passing the news to their neighbors without delay. These massages will not end happily.

An old hippy tried to throw himself in front of the reopen loons, but was run over. Here is how to reopen America sanely.

The problem with reopening is no one knows what’s on the other side of the door. Everybody knows someone sick or dying. But nobody knows the many that are sick but don’t even know they are sick. Nobody yet knows all the ways to become sick with coronavirus. There’s COVID nose, COVID toes, and everything awful in between. There might even be a cure someday.

Many people don’t know, many people begged Donald Trump to kill millions, but he instead banned China and invented hydroxychloroquine... remember? Trump continues his fight against the Invisible Brown Enemy, to this day. People with longer memories might recollect 40 years or so of Republicans killing government and infrastructure

Joan McCarter calls in with potato horticulture tips. (Step one, put them in dirt.)

Is Congress not working remotely, or not remotely working? There might be a deal for more money to small businesses and hospitals, but the chances of actual small businesses in blue states getting any are as low as usual. The coronavirus pandemic is ravaging city budgets, with more than 2,100 cities slashing programs and staff. Steven Mnuchin is still letting banks seize people's coronavirus stimulus checks, but those on Supplemental Security Income will have an easier time.

Some of the lowest-income Social Security beneficiaries were given less than 48 hours to register their eligible children for an additional $500 coronavirus payment, or wait a year.

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