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There might be more important things than living, but not if it means missing KITM!

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin welcome another Earth Day with us. Remember, we are all quarantined here together. Air pollution could be ‘key contributor’ to Covid-19 death, so you know… try to cut your emissions.

Donald Trump has determined Iran is well enough to play with him again. Kim Jong Un’s sister says he isn’t allowed to come out today.

Brian Kemp tells Georgians to drop dead. Well, the black ones anyhow. Right after they catch up on everyone’s nails, but before they catch up on their bills. South Dakota can’t find enough black people to blame, but meat-packing plants across the country suspect those sick workers who always refuse to be insubordinate, and of course, the usual oppressive federal regulations

The people behind telling you to shut up and get back to work are those people that usually tell you to shut up and get back to work. The glut of people to blame and kill would be an embarrassment of riches for Donald Trump if Trump was embarrassed by riches. Trump is embarrassed by women journalists, however. 32 millionaire CEOs weren’t embarrassed taking small business PPP loans.

Most people don’t believe crowds are the safe place to be right now. In fact, a vast majority want to stay at home. Many seniors resist dying to reelect Trump. Several people have been infected by daring to vote in Wisconsin.

The primaries are distant memories for young voters heading to Joe Biden. Jay Inslee gives Joe an Earth Day endorsement.

Long Leaf Pine Slate—that’s Long Leaf Pine Slatecontinue their advance on Republican hegemony in North Carolina!

Our mass-shooter disease has crossed the border into Canada, killing dozens in Nova Scotia. Luckily, Justin Trudeau has just the cure.

Alan Dershowitz assures us that someone will probably be in control someday, meanwhile stay inside and find something to do.

By the way, Russia interfered to help Trump in 2016 election.

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