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The difficulty with listening to KITM regularly is being aware of the things your friends won’t find out for days or weeks from now. Things your relatives might not figure out for months. David Waldman and Greg Dworkin bring us up-to-date-to-the-future:

Unemployment is at 20%. Elizabeth Warren’s brother dies of COVID-19.

Brian Kemp opens Georgia for bowling and tattoos, but is anyone dumb enough to buy what he’s selling? Donald Trump was dumb enough to tell Kemp to open, but smart enough to knife him in the back after… or is that the other way around? The Insane Clown Posse ends up as a voice of reason and good governance over what they’re offering. Even Republicans voters know better.

COVID-19 ain’t the flu. A blood-clotting complication is killing patients. Coronavirus might cause strokes in young adults. There might soon be a shortage of dialysis machines. Dozens of grocery store workers have died, so maybe it’s time to keep customers away from them. Maybe it’s time to go on a diet. Meat packing closures might make many vegetarians soon. Finally, Donald Trump brings the US in ahead of schedule!

The Trump administration was probably too willfully ignorant for anyone to ever figure out how ignorant it ever was. Staff caught opening their mouth, or eyes, had them shut. Eventually the light might shine. The electorate is catching on. Democrats maintain their lead. As if by magic, Donald begins to disappear. The ballot box will feel us.

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