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America succumbed to COVID-19, passing away early this morning. David Waldman and Greg Dworkin came by to pay their respects and say a few words (most beginning with the letter “F”) over the grave.

Well-managed countries that handled their coronavirus pandemic correctly, for instance, Germany, are now able to reopen, offering their citizens hope for a semblance of normal life and their businesses a chance to eat our lunch for a millennium or two. Donald Trump sees economic hegemony on one set of trolley tracks and American lives on the other. What will he do?

Well, He can lie about observable reality, in the rare instances he is forced to discuss reality at all. He can destroy faith in all institutions, while simultaneously destroying the institutions. He can make not wearing a mask as patriotic as wearing a gun. He can make dying of pneumonia, stroke and kidney failure fun again

Still, however there exists “a reality”. One where coronavirus is still being transmitted, where people still catch COVID-19 and die, but still always the wrong ones. One where Axl Rose is right.

Ok, boomers don’t want to die. People with college degrees are getting smarter. Senator Richard Burr is a crook, and so is Gop Chair Ken Buck.

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