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If passive resignation is your style, David Waldman isn’t your guy and KITM isn’t the place you want to be. Scram!

You might have noticed that better-managed countries with less stupid and corrupt leadership not only killed less citizens, they kept more of them employed. So, that was two things we had to lose… Donald Trump should be wearing tar and feathers, but somehow avoids even the “indignity” of wearing a mask in public. Other Republicans also worry that being caught in a mask might invalidate their death-cult membership, but Brad Parscale knows that’s just not true.

Coronavirus safety is the number one priority of the White House... Donald Trump’s safety. Viruses are a funny thing however. Hilarious, in fact, as a Trump valet tested positive right after a hamberder run. Wouldn’t it be something if Donald Trump caught a miserable case of COVID-19, leading to maybe a stroke, that who knows, destroyed his ability to talk or use his thumbs, but maybe also enhanced his ability to empathize with the world around him? That would be too horrible to contemplate… or to fantasize daily about. Horrible!

As for you, a cough, sneeze, a toilet flush, standing in a cloud of vaporized meat, all could put you in danger, you brave warrior, you. Not just you, but your children, as coronavirus finds new ways to tear into us. Kind of makes you nostalgic for the days of unending Russian collusion, doesn’t it? (those days are still here.) 

Michael Flynn just “pleading guilty” wasn’t enough for William Barr and Donald Trump, but still might be enough for the judge of the caseEmmet Sullivan.

Is Joe Biden going down the road of Louis CK and Al Franken? Or of Robert Mueller, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, Christoph Waltz, and now Anthony Fauci? Only time, and maybe Jacob Wohl can tell us.

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