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There might possibly be other dimensions and universes out there somewhere, one or two without Donald Trump as president. However, this is the only existence available with David Waldman and Greg Dworkin, or at least the only one where they both sport those cool goatees, so we’ll just have to make do.

There are too many realities here as it is. Donald Trump as president withholds money from states to insure Donald Trump as candidate can win. Trump never means what he says, because he never knows what he’s saying. He doesn’t mind looking like an idiot, as long as it keeps him from looking like fool. Donald asks if we mean this capita, or that capita over there? Trump makes certain to never pay attention to those he can always blame. And, if you are unable to exploit his palpable shortcomings, you demonstrate that you are too weak to even bother with.

Confusion is the goal here. We all get spun around three times and shoved out the door. Florida knows what an informed populace would mean, and made sure they didn’t know. The Gop says, more doctors prefer coronavirus than any other pandemic. The CDC mixes and matches tests to get the right balance for the findings they want. The New England Journal of Medicine skips the hard math.

Even so, maybe things are getting better. Maybe, overall, we are smarter than we think. Still, a little leadership would have gone a long way.

National polling reflects this, as Joe Biden opens into the double digits. Say nay all you want, Joe’s up in Wisconsin… Virginia… Arizona… Dam!

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