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On Monday, our jerk-often president shambled through a field of tear gas containers and spent ordnance for an historically jerk-off photo op, misinterpreted by some as “Jericho”.  Those people are a problem, and although they are a goldmine for some, can’t elect Donald Trump by themselves. Greg Dworkin sees that support decaying as red states turn blue for Joe. Suburban women know exactly where they stand. Few wishy-washy people make surveyors look good.

A few dipshits do make America look bad. A Texas bar bans masks. Piers Morgan and Rudy Giuliani have a dick-measuring contest, and both win. You can spot a Gop ignoramus from across the room. Wearing a mask remains the smart thing to do.

Top military leaders are objecting to Donald Trump making America a military state. Donald builds that wall. Donald rattles his little sabre. No, you can’t touch itGuantanamo’s nice this time of year.

And, people continue to die from COVID-19, just in new places, with new people dying. Here is how you can monitor the outbreak.

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