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It turns out that the revolution is being televised. You can also find it here on KITM, hosted by David Waldman and today’s special guest co-revolutionary, Greg Dworkin.

Around the world, statues topple. A global epiphany so inspirational that even Mitt Romney seems born-again. This weekend, newspaper editors across the nation jabbed their cigars toward their lead reporters, and demanded that they find out what this “Defund the police” is, and to have it on their desks by Monday morning. Black reporters have understood all too well what’s going on, and are fighting to report it.

The Floyd protests spread into white, small-town America, while Republicans give up on governance  and decide to just shoot them all and let God sort out the socialists. A white guy shot a protester in Seattle and calmly walked into protective custody. Seattle police continue their attempts to dominate. Brevard county ❤️️’s rogue cops. Democrats propose reforming policing. Will Republicans reform themselves after Trump? Of course not, but what will they pull next?

Donald Trump’s horrific job performance is effecting his job approval numbers. After considering Trump’s sociopathic stupidity, many voters find themselves supporting Joe Biden’s candidacy. Women are wising up faster than men.

Meanwhile, coronavirus isn’t going anywhere, except into new hosts. Brazil keeps its death toll from rising by decree. In the US, shutdowns prevented 60 million coronavirus infections, but with less shut down there are more infections. Coronavirus also is spreading into rural areas, hitting large families hard. Florida has had more cases in the last 4 days than it ever had in any 4 day period. 

Michael Flynn, spy, finds new charges as fast as he can lose them.

Gringos, and/or gringas, might have come up with the name “Latinx”, but perhaps there’s a better term.

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