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Thanks to Donald Trump, and David Waldman, we’ve learned so much this year... from epidemiology to constitutional law! And, did you know that Black lives matter? Many were not aware of that until Donald pointed it out. In fact, race relations should be the main topic of Prof. Trump’s lecture series, appropriately kicking off in Tulsa, OK, tomorrow.

Today is Juneteenthhistoric, important, and sadly off of white radaruntil recently.

Father’s Day is Sunday. Fatherhood brings the potential joy of displaying your son to win an argument or as a political prop. For those wondering, Matt Gaetz now publically has a son, Nestor. Previously introduced as a student, Nestor was also known as a helper for Gaetz’ office administration, yard care, cabana maintenance etc., but now, Nestor is totally Matt’s son in every conceivable way, except perhaps legally, and it sure is a heartwarming story.

If “quid” was sending wheat and soybeans to China, and “quo” was supporting Chinese concentration camps, then yep, Trump was pretty “pro” on getting reelected with Chinese help.

Trump’s Bible photo op split evangelicals into “the smart ones” and “the saps” camps. Donald prefers saps, and tweeting videos with them, but Twitter is finally beginning to flag those tweets. Trump might be every inch the stupid ignorant old white guy he seems, but his staff couldn't be more Nazi if they were flash frozen in ‘44. In New York just last week, police found found weapons, fireworks, ammunition and a tactical manual on some Boogaloo bois, but you just know you would find as much and maybe more in some police lockers. And, if Black people ever do win, Jail is waiting for them. What kind of society values property over Black lives?

The same society that won’t wear a mask to save their life, or yours. The ones that say this is the just flu, and besides, it’s summer. Good luck to Jon and Mary Kaye Huntsman!

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