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We’re set to reach 200,000 COVID-19 deaths by Labor Day, or 9/11… if you are counting excess deaths we passed that a long time ago… or if you are an idiot, we are at 6% of any of that. Any way you count it, we aren’t quite at the end of the world. (That’s months away.)

In the meantime, we have David Waldman and Greg Dworkin to entertain and inform us:

Donald Trump is encouraging North Carolinians to vote early, and late, and often. This will help test the system. (Donald is known to be an ardent system-tester.) You can post Biden-Harris campaign signs in your Animal Crossing front yards! Maybe the Trump campaign can work something out with some different game?

Donald Trump is a loser. Many are afraid to say it, but this is not a close race. Joe Biden leads, like he always has, and that is likely to continue. Moreover, Donald Trump is losing, like he always has, and that is likely to continue. That is why it will be such a bummer when Trump’s still president. Joe Biden will have to win the popular vote by at least 6 points to reduce the chance of hearing Nate Silver’s 2021 “Well actually, I said Donald Trump always had a chance of winning” down to 2%.

Lindsey Graham won’t have the Electoral College to save him.

Instead of eliminating the filibuster, maybe it can be flipped to incentivize not using it?

Still, more Republicans and white people plan to vote Biden, perhaps because they feel there’s more of a chance of still having white people and Republicans if they vote for Joe. Some white people will always want to keep white people in charge, even if there is nothing left. Glen “Wild” Clay Higgins represents those people. Clay is ready to drop Black protesters right where they stand. He compares abortion to the Holocaust, and the Holocaust to… military spending? Facebook believes that Higgins sometimes incites violence.

Witnesses describe the night Kyle Rittenhouse opened fire during protests after the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha. Kyle’s lawyer figures that after a mass shooter’s first shot, all the rest is self defense.

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