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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin report on the Trump White House’ corruption and stupidity, along with maybe a few things you didn’t expect.

Donald Trump golfed this weekend. He was casually misogynist, racist, classist… He lied, cheated, abused trust… He insulted everybody he came across, or went behind, unless he felt like flattering them with transparent insincerity. He routinely broke the law this weekend, and took as much as he could. Everyone knows that’s true, so Donald Trump would of course call veterans “losers and suckers”. Why wouldn’t he

Ignoring safety to own libs sinks Trump boats. It happened before, it will happen again, and again.

6 months ago Kellyanne Conway lied to and intimidated reporters.

52 years ago Richard Nixon ran on Law and Order yet didn’t feel laws applied to him. That strategy might not work this time. This conversation will return to concern about COVID. Joe Biden continues to lead, and will continue to lead. Millions under the age of 25 are registering to keep it that way.

Louis DeJoy tried raising money the old fashioned way… like Spiro Agnew

Friends of Hamas”  was a joke that became a lunatic rumor. This time it’s back, but because it’s the lunatics that want to make it true.

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