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O say can you see?

David Waldman doesn’t come to this with an agenda. Why, KITM barely has an itinerary!

Hey, remember Lana Marks? We were just talking about the bronze medalist, handbag designing Bermuda refugee, Mar-a-Lago founding actress, slash American ambassador to South Africa, now target of Iranian assassins… What’s she been up to lately?

Greg Dworkin’s got the polls! Those polls are pretty nice. Joe Biden is likely to beat Donald Trump... but no promises! Is the race tightening, non-tightening, loosening, non-loosening? It’s not, really. It’s steady.  Polls would have to actually change for Donald Trump to win, and the longer they stay steady, the more radical that change would need to be. Right now, Fivey Fox sez he wouldn’t be surprised if Joe won. In fact, every minute brings us closer to Nate Silver being 100% correct

White women, old folks, and military families are inching away from Trump. Republicans are inching away from being Republican. The lunatics at the core are tough nuts to crack. Trump has pretty much given up talking to regular people, as even he knows crazy people will be his only chance as long as there are any left by November.

Meanwhile, the White House hurries to to get the fix in. An elected prosecutor on Trump’s commission on law enforcement has resigned, along with a prosecutor on the Durham investigation. A court-appointed adviser to the Judge in Michael Flynn’s case sees only corruption motivating the move to drop the case. Trump had people altering CDC reports to match his statements. It will take years to figure out all the ways Donald Trump screwed us.

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