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Democratic insiders are assembling a “war room” to take out the 60 vote rule on the Senate filibuster. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, next in line to lead the Judiciary Committee, says “whaa… huh?” That’s certainly not the way she remembers… what were we talking about again? David does remember it differently... in that he does remember it. You got to hope someone on the inside might think to listen outside for advisement for this.

Smart rich person Bill Gates warned people about pandemics for years, and is pretty bummed that idiots are running things right now. Scientific American makes its first presidential endorsement in 175 years. Donald Trump doesn’t think those eggheads are that smart anyhow. If things were so hard to figure out, would he have put his moron son-in-law in charge of all of them?

Sure, the US might be aiding in Saudi war crimes. Think of how many atrocities we could commit if we let Donald just be Donald. Michael Caputo is locked, loaded, and insane. Chad Wolf isn’t secretary, or even acting secretary of Homeland Security, and that name can’t be real either.

No one unites the twin scourges of police brutality and pandemic disease spread quite like ICE detention facilities, and yet now they have managed to cross into Filipino horror movie status, by executing mass hysterectomies on prisoners.

Joan McCarter reports that not much is happening in DC… and that’s the problem. It's been 120 days since the House passed the HEROES Act, and it's under 20 days until the government runs out of funding, but Mitch McConnell’s out of here in a month or two, so what does he care? While Mitch plays the press and runs out the clock, Nancy Pelosi digs in, and figures out how to save the country.

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