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Ruth Bader Ginsburg is gone, and will receive honors Donald Trump never should. “May her memory be a blessing,” as we are reminded to say. No time to grieve or reflect, as jackals had already began to descend within hours. Republicans smell blood, and some are hungry for more. Nancy Pelosi vows to use “every arrow” in the house’s quiver to stop them. But what can she, or anyone do? Lindsey Graham and the Gop don’t mind when you use their words against them, they know they’ve always been worthless. Trump will be even more Trump until one day, it’s like a miracle...

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin discuss what really can be done, now and wtshtf, norms and procedure-wise.

Joe Biden might be exactly the person this moment needed to keep RBG from becoming the Franz Ferdinand of American politics. Democrats are viewed as the party better able to handle the top problem... whatever the problem is. Trump is even losing ground with white voters. Biden has taken a huge cash lead over Trump while outspending him 2 to 1. Small-dollar donors have now given $100 million on ActBlue since 8 p.m. ET Friday.

Max Kennedy, Jr. went from Hyannis Port to Harvard, to Jared Kushner’s Covid-19 team, and is now a whistle-blower. Coronavirus keeps infecting congresspeople.

The Mueller Probe made mistakes... enough to fill a book, enough to fill a prison.

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