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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin pack our lunch bag-arsenal and send us on our way:

Food fight! Donald Trump killed a tremendous number of people at last night’s canned food drive. Make lunch not war, people!  Although if it isn’t fried, Donald probably hasn’t tried it.

Ted Cruz, still smarting from being passed over for the SCOTUS nomination, blocked a resolution honoring RGB.

The closer Republicans get to losing power, the more unabashedly they abuse power. They and their supporters are going to lose a lot, so they don’t mind destroying it all. It is up to Democrats to rebuild everything. The Gop wasn’t doing much with America anyhow, other than riding it into the ground. That, and placing a reactionary judicial system that will be in place until we’re all dead

Going into the debates Donald Trump dug a deep trap for Joe Biden. Too bad he forgot to pack a ladder to get out.

Win or lose, Donald Trump will never concede the election. He sure won’t let people voting make him leave. Still, there’s no reason to make it easier for him by screwing up your ballot... although those rules might be changed after you voted. Dubai introduces “the Catch 22” of vote invalidation, as by incredible coincidence, just last week a French-Canadian woman, angered at the lack of “Made in USA” products, somehow located ricin and sent it to a White House mail room.

The Gop could be looking into that conspiracy, but instead Senator Ron Johnson spent months sweeping up the same old news on Hunter Biden, which will get repackaged, lit on fire and placed on our doorstep by William Barr and John Durham in a couple of weeks. A nationwide “QAnon strategy” is being employed by Republicans in ads already.

Killing 200,000 people has not built trust in Donald Trump’s future handling of the Covid pandemic. Colleges and universities knew the risks, and still did the wrong thing. It was predictable that money to buy masks and ventilators wouldn’t get there, that’s why Katie Porter predicted it.

Chad Wolf’s wife knew a guy, and picked up $6 million in DHS contracts the year he joined the agency.

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