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Welcome to the NEW AND IMPROVED Kagro in the Morning! Now brought to you by… Kagro in the Morning! And by David Waldman, and today by Greg Dworkin! And as always, by Me! (I should be in the credits somewhere...  I contribute!… I am a Contributor!) And, by you. Let’s take this show somewhere!

Donald Trump is a LOSER. As more Americans understand this, the chances of Trump being a 2020 presidential election loser go up as well. Is it his deadly Covid response? His terrifying debate performance? His Jesus meets Evita fake return from the dead? His insecure sociopathic, self-aggrandizingwillful endangerment of our militaryhis staff and anyone else? His high AF stimulus negotiations? All those bloodhounds nipping at his heels? Or is it that Donald Trump is just a loser? Hmm. Could be!

The undertow around Trump is immense, taking Martha McSally off guard, as well as plenty of others that frankly should have seen it coming. Even West Virginia slides from deep red to half as deep red.

Undecided voters are the dumbest people in America, no contest. But, shhh, don’t say anything, maybe tonight’s Vice Presidential debate will sway them. The debate itself is being handled as stupidly as could be imagined, with spit guards smaller than a salad bar’s. It is a shame that the technology as yet does not allow debaters to sit more than 6 feet apart.

Stephen Miller reminds us to always sanitize our crosses and wooden stakes. Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein demanded that children be taken from parents. Those two are destined to burn in Hell, yet at this moment haven’t caught Covid. No Hell or Covid for Mark and Patricia McCloskey either, but they will be going to jail. Donald Trump has presently escaped all three, but it’s still up for grabs who’ll get him first.

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