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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin deliver a brand-new KITM. Only 18 more until the election!

Kamala Harris debated Mike Pence and his fly. The fly was more forthcoming.

If you aren’t happy that Donald Trump caught Covid, you should be. Donald Trump is delighted. In fact, it may be the most courageous act a president has undertaken. Take that, Lincoln! Now that “Owning the Libs” now means catching the coronavirus, Chris Christie is a hero who may soon head to troll Valhalla. More mead, no Remdesivir for him! Crede Bailey, White House’s security office head, caught Covid, but didn’t get the joke.

The Cleveland debate has reported 11 COVID-19 cases, so far. Abbott’s rapid tests were good for getting into a quick meeting at the White House, but not much else. Gold Star families became cannon fodder for Covid. The celebrants at the Ruth Bader Ginsburg death shindigs are still out on the streets killing more people. Help identify them.

Donald Trump won’t be wasting our time with another debate, because this would be “a virtual debate”.  (As if the last debate was “a real debate”) Well, if it was good enough for Nixon… sometimes doesn’t apply in Trump’s case.

Who needs leadership anyhow? Senator Mike Lee sees no need for democracy. Missouri Governor Michael Parson sees no need for laws. The FBI found some ready to overthrow the government, and kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Most people would prefer America stay intact. More than enough to keep it from falling apart.

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