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Today, David Waldman, "OG filibuster buster", talks with Eli Zupnick, former communications director for Senator Patty Murray, and soldier in the growing anti-filibuster armies mobilizing to defend democracy! For 45 minutes!

Donald Trump... You know the guy — some think he’s Jesus, he thinks he’s Superman? Sadly, Donald hasn’t tried flying or walking on water yet, but he has returned to breathing upon his tightly corralled flock. News outlets aren’t true believers, however, and are pulling any journalists they might need in the future.

The Trump-packed 5th Circuit court in Texas upholds voter suppression, as they see the right to a possible vote does not need to allow a probable vote.

No joke: During yesterday’s debate, Amy McGrath described how Mitch McConnell let hundreds of thousands die and millions suffer from COVID-19 and McConnell just sat there and laughed like a Goddamned supervillain.

Michigan Senator Gary Peters certainly is not the first sitting senator in history to have an abortion story, but he is the first who publicly told his.

The more killing toys you give cops, the more they want to play with them.

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