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Welcome to the middle of the week, the middle of October, the middle of ...

In the middle of times as these, it’s good to see David Waldman and Greg Dworkin team up to fight the agents of chaos and help us over the humps.

Donald Trump has handled top issue facing the country the worst. Coronavirus has hit Americans financially and emotionally. Worst yet for Trump, journalists are not immune. About 75,000 more Americans died than had been reported in the spring and summer. Small gatherings are causing new COVID-19 infections, just in time for Thanksgiving. The White House promotes herd immunity, as recommended by non-living people. Alaska is no longer a member of the "Under 10K Club”, as thousands of younger Alaskans get sick with COVID-19. The Sturgis wave continues to cross the US. Germans avoided coronavirus like they avoided unemployment. Michigan passes some midnight Covid bills.

Quick, read up about Rudy Colludy Giuliani’s October surprise before they open the windows and it fades away. It’s not weird that there would be issues with a New York Post story, or that it contain lies and omissions, but why are people that should know better by now being suckered by it? Trump’s corrupt schemes to save himself keep blowing up in his face. Trump’s “unmasking probe” ends without charges, or a public report, and probably without William Barr soon. Think of how much easier this would have been for Trump with just one more Supreme Court Judge.

It’s the last days of the Trump scampaign, but his disinfomercial continues tomorrow with battling town halls. Vote!

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