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It’s just a couple of weeks or so before the election. We have Rye, Rye Ice Cream, and David Waldman to pull us through. It’s Monday, so David has Greg Dworkin to pull him through. 

Chris Christie has had his come to Jesus moment, emerging from his foxhole conversion somewhat more appreciative of foxholes, but not really an apostle.

Dr. Scott Atlas, along with esteemed colleagues Prof. Heywood Jablome, Drs. Ollie Tabooger, Miya Buttreaks, Senator Pat McGroin, et al. are battling the likes of Drs. Deborah Birx, Anthony Fauci and, ugh, “Scientists” in getting out a COVID-19 message to the public over Donald Trump.

Hundreds of thousands of non-conforming individualists at the Sturgis rally followed each other off the coronavirus cliff, superspreading across some red states and leaving a tab for $12.2 billion for the rest of us. On his upcoming Fox Network flagship promotional tour… or possibly auditioning to be Alex Jones’ sidekick, Donald Trump sows Covid like a dipshit Johnny Appleseed. The U.S. records over 70,000 cases in one day for the first time since July, and Governors haven’t been clued into how they’ll distribute vaccines even when they do get one.

Dems are in array with each other, but also with Never Trumpers, Recently Not Trumpers, and Undecided, But Not Really Trumpers, leaving Kirstie Alley, maybe Matt “Rick” Gaetz and a few others. Joe Biden leads Trump like Hillary did, but a lot better. Donald is running out of battleground states to battle in. Trump is in trouble unless he can cure the pandemic and resuscitate 300,000 people in the next 14 days. Manufacturing Hunter Biden stories just won’t do it.

Jacinda Ardern shows the world how it’s done, over and over, and has been now been elected to show them again.

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