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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin take us into the first February of the Biden administration, and it feels pretty good. Don’t worry, they will still be thagomizing Donald Trump when necessary.

About 20 million coronavirus vaccine doses have evaporated, and would be nice to have around now. It could be theft, lunacy, fraud, or just bad bookkeeping. More vaccines are being introduced, and more is better. Of course, efficacy, and your results, might vary. Keep safe and mask correctly.

Joe Biden has the opportunity to do the most for the nation as president, by continuing to do the most for the nation. Slowing down or playing it safe will be appreciated by no one, except for those who don’t have the nation’s wellbeing as a priority. Republicans are offering bipartisanship, unity, and bubkes. They’ll offer more or less the same in a meeting with the President this afternoon, unless more rational voices —  like from West Virginia —  can be heard.

Being held accountable is not “cancel culture”. Marjorie Taylor Greene might be the worst enemy for the causes that she supports, but for now, she’s doing pretty well for Marjorie Taylor GreeneIt is difficult to expect Greene to be sane when her career has depended on being insane, or to tell the truth when her future career depends on the big lie. Republicans could have chosen a better path, but instead pay tribute to The Donald, and his scam in exile as the Antipope of Mar-a-Lago.

Trump’s lawyers bail out, knowing the upcoming impeachment trial will neither look good on their resumes, nor pay them a dime. What have we learned so far from Donald Trump’s campaign to subvert the election? Plenty, as Donald’s been subverting the 2020 election since he subverted the 2016 election. New stuff will be coming out, including the stuff that is old stuff for KITM listeners, and probably keep coming out for generations to come.

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