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On KITM’s Thursday mind-jazz jam, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin break it down with some improv, yet oh so smooth:

Republicans embraced chaos with Donald Trump. Trump’s gone, but the they just can’t quit the chaos. It could have been Liz Cheney or Marjorie Taylor Greene, but that ended up being two decisions too many for Kevin McCarthy, who would rather you thought he was the biggest idiot ever as House minority leader, than for anyone to actually expect him to be House minority leader. MT Greene was the face of the John Birch society on Facebook, and has become their representative in Congress, as Birchers have taken many forms over the years, but in reality have never left. Marj just arrived, but already is taking command of her own mini party, including a few ready to take one for the team. 

It would be nice if Marj and the gang could just feed on themselves and not involve the rest of the world, but no such luck. You know when paramilitary groups call themselves “Martyrs”, they have some big plans. There is still time for Republicans to do the right thing, but who expects that? It is up to the last democratic party in control, the Democratic party, to fix things, and President Joe Biden to unify America.

Joe can do it. President Biden has "an open door and an open mind", and all the cards. He has the support of a grateful nation. Republicans only have obstruction, but Democrats have reconciliation and soon their amendment tree will be too full to tamper with, as everyone knows, amendments of an amendment to an amendment are not allowed because it would be too complicated.

Joe Biden can deliver USPS from Donald Trump, by firing Louis DeJoy for starters. Trump aides noticed their boss wasn’t around and requested extensions on their benefits. They might be waiting a while for those checks.

Lauren Boebert hates the “lefts” so much, that when she misses a turn she has to drive around the world to her destinations.

Meanwhile, whatever legal or constitutional test you apply, Donald Trump is guilty of inciting violence. He can tell you that himself. Donald also has a chance to explain how he fought to stop the steal, while pocketing over 100 million dollars.

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