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So many crises! Not so much chaos. Somehow, it all feels more tackleable now. David Waldman rolls up our aggregated sleeves:

House impeachment managers, Senate leadership, and even Donald Trump’s legal team have  agreed on the impeachment trial rules, so here we go again! The question is, can Donald stand trial? The answer is yes.

Republicans argue this business will be a slippery slope, eventually leading to the impeachment of cats and ponies. Many scholars, such as Armando, don’t believe this is what the Framers intended, pointing to all of the colonial buzz around Warren Hastings’ impeachment, and Founding Father son John Quincy Adamsletters and commentary. Therefore, no dead president need worry about being impeached, unless resuscitated, and even then, Nixon’s clear

Democrats could wait until March 4, when Donald Trump is president again, to impeach him at that time, but really, even though the dude’s got a lot of impeachments left in him, Dems do plan to make this one, the one to remember. On the other hand, Republicans plan to take hostages if provoked, including the president, vice president and… Maxine Waters! and, Cory Booker! If really pushed, they might even call Marjorie Taylor Greene to the stand.

You got to hope the DC guard will have a quiet time these next few days, and that they continue to be monitored and vetted. Meanwhile, governing continues, somehow. Joan McCarter joins KITM in the last half hour to let us know how that’s going. Democrats are negotiating with Senator Joe Manchin, also a Democrat, on limiting the direct payments of $1,400. The House isn’t letting this slow them down, when so many, especially themselves, will gain. The House is wisely upping the ante with a $3,000 child cash benefit. Remember, the House could change with only a few votes.

Stormy Daniels says Trump offered her a role on The Apprentice in exchange for sex. That woman’s been through a lot. The US Justice Department dropped its Trump-era lawsuit against Melania’s enemy, Stephanie Wolkoff.

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