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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin give us a quick, 2 hour review of Trump impeachment II, Day 2:

History will demand to know why we didn’t hang Donald Trump. History will discover that it’s because Republicans acquitted him. Trump is as guilty as sin, but so is the Gop, and they know that if they don’t hang together, they will hang separately. But then again, if they hang together… they might hang together, so just maybe they should get, while the getting’s good

Trump knew Mike Pence was in danger on 1/6, but once Donald found out that Mike was getting awayhe sicced his dogs harder. Today we will discover new horrors Republicans will ignore while they doodle new process gibberish to fall back on. Meanwhile, Democrats keep the process of governing flowing. The Senate has norms, the House has rules, and so far it’s not a complete disaster.

Perhaps Democrats don’t dare to think big enough to capture Republican’s attention. For example, David Hogg, Parkland shooting survivor and gun control activist, is making a pillow. Ali Alexander, one of the insurrectionist founders of the “Stop the Steal” conspiracy lie that culminated in 1/6, is making a 10 million occupant MAGA city, so that people embarrassed by their Trump support can banish anyone that disagrees with them in any way. If that goes wrong, there will also be a 10 million vacancy “back up” city in South America… which actually ends up not being all that unique of an idea.

Hey, remember the last impeachment? The Ukraine government sure does, and spurs memories with the release of transcripts of Rudy Giuliani’s attempt to intimidate them. Ukraine officials will be happy to assist in any US investigations, now that they aren’t being blocked from doing so. After the present impeachment, Georgia prosecutors will be getting in line to take a whack at Donald.

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