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Why not kick back today with David Waldman and Greg Dworkin, relax and take the time to learn the latest —  There’s no Rush!

The late ethno-nationalistic sadist Rush Limbaugh was about 30 years later than I would have preferred, but he finally shut up. Also heading to warmer climes —  Rafael ‘Ted’ Cruz has been caught  snowbirding down to Cancun, Mexico for a long weekend. There wasn’t much for Ted to not do back home, that he already hadn’t done before. Cruz can’t help that Texas wind turbines seem to stop when United’s jet turbines run just fine. It is nice however, that he wore a mask this time. Unfortunately, unlike Rush, Ted is expected to return.

Perhaps folks should wait at the airport to welcome back the Senator, as it looks like they might have the power on over there. Everywhere else seems totally F’d. (Here’s where non-Texans can help un-mess Texas.) Texans can vote for Beto O’Rourke next time.

David looks into the latest Senate blue-slip policy in hopes that the process will improve. Greg helps to clear up the CDC's Covid-19 school guidance confusion.

Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump’s forces are pretty evenly matched, assuring mutual destruction, and giving Democrats some breathing room to good things, such as an immigration bill with 8-year pathway to citizenship. Promotions can finally come to female generals without Donald tweeting they weren’t hot enough to qualify.

Few details separate Qanon from the John Birch SocietyConspiratorial, bigoted nut-jobs have always been the conservative foundation. Republicans mold reality like clay. 1/6 Capitol insurrectionist Daniel Egtvedt, fought with police, was kicked out, returned, fought/injured police again, left, returned, fought with police again, and of course… was blue lives matter. The Gop found the riot’s real villain: Nancy Pelosi.

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