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Are vaccines breaking the pandemic wave? Oh, so close — Maybe, maybe not, but it does feel more close every day. Even so, who would want to go back to work with the people you used to work with? Or back into public with them for that matter? You can get a lot more done at home, anyhow.

For instance, check out David Waldman and Greg Dworkin. Whether working from home or at the studios in KITM World Headquarters, they always remain at a “chef’s kiss” level.

1 in 5 say they won’t get a COVID-19 vaccine. And now, some that wanted one, had theirs cancelled. What’s up with that Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause? Well, the Biden administration decided on truth and transparency in dealing with the public, a tactic the previous administration could not and can not ever conceive of. This plan of course carries risks, as the horse whips and hot takes fly.

Meanwhile, OSHA fined a company that wouldn’t let their employees or their customers wear masks.

Ce n'est pas le Louvre, c'est un Louvre. Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman bought a $1000 Jesus painting —  not even on black velvet —  and paid $450 million. You pay that much for a fake da Vinci, and you don’t want it to be fake anymore. So, MBS took it over to his local fake Louvre, to have it marked up to “real”. That happened, because no one ever wants to see MBS disappointed

Police were told to take it easy on their Capitol riot response. Some see that as a security failure, some, a feature. Oath Keepers checked in their guns at the hotel, just in case.

Whatever law you’re talking about, Trump lawyers will say that it doesn’t apply to Trump.

Joe Biden continues to exceed expectations, even if your expectation was for an affable, gentlemanly white man who says nice, positive things most of the time. Hundreds of companies are uniting to oppose those who oppose voting rights, while Joe is waiting with a big friendly hug. Most everybody likes to see happy people, except for Republicans, who mostly like to unsee unhappy people. The National Collegiate Athletic Association says it will move championship events out of states that discriminate against LGBTQ people. Republicans will try to remove Major League Baseball’s antitrust exemption. Here, let Casey Stengel explain.

Kim Potter should have retired after 25 years, but now she has been charged with 2nd-degree manslaughter for Daunte Wright’s killing. John Cardillo is a horrible, awful person, but he did point out the fact that Daunte Wright was a loving family man, as well as an American patriot, which you wouldn’t guess he’d say about a young black guy.

Matt Gaetz has, so far, not been caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy, and he is proud to tell you that.  Joel Greenberg will tell you Matt always paid the pimp, and never even tipped the ladies. Stepping up to be a character witness: Harlan Z. Hill. (!)

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