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David Waldman gets us over the hump, that many of us will sled down this morning.

Derek Chauvin is guilty. Guilty. Guilty.

Accountability, and maybe a step towards justice took place last night, as Black lives mattered, for a moment. Justice requires neverending vigilance. In this case, the credit goes to 17 year old Darnella Frazier and her cellphone videography prowess. Then, police in Columbus, Ohio released body-camera footage of the police shooting that left a teenage girl dead minutes before Derek Chauvin’s verdict was announced.

It isn’t quite the death of racism, but nonetheless racists sure are running scared. MT Greene hid where she wouldn’t see anyone last night. Tucker Carlson was so frightened of the looming threat to the white race that he just might have peed himself on national TV. Tucker’s advertisers would be terrified, if he had any. You don’t want to hear what Donald Trump had to say. (Neither do I)

Former US intelligence director James Clapper is pushing for an Australian investigation into Rupert Murdoch to fight “truth decay”.

Greg Dworkin remembers Walter Mondale, who it bears repeating, was an old-schooltrue Democratpublic servant, mensch of a Vice President, and as Greg points out, often felt obligated to tell the public the truth, sometimes at greater than optimal levels.

200 million doses and we aren’t halfway home. People keep coming up with clever ways to convince boneheads, but boneheads hate experts almost as much as they hate math. Here’s an idea: For each vaccine shot, give them a lottery ticket. 

The House has been frozen at 435 representatives, but just like those 9 Supreme Court justices, that’s just a number. More representatives, however might bring more psychos like Rick Roeber, who physically, sexually and mentally abused his children, and drowned puppies.

The inspector general at the Department of Homeland Security blocked investigations into tear gassing and rubber bullets for Donald Trump’s stroll through Lafayette Square last year.

Republican Lisa Murkowski broke Gop ranks to support Vanita Gupta’s nomination. Democrats blocked Republican censure of Maxine Waters until the Gop cleaned up its own act. Democrats put the time they spent idling due to Republican obstruction to good use, by coming up with a rule change to set aside those rules being misused.

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