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May the fourth, the day David Waldman hosts the entire KITM using his beloved “Jar Jar Binks” impression, and CBS refers to Republican voter suppression as “tightening state voter laws”.

Some people like to tell the truth. Some people like themselves better when they tell the truth. Some people know you like them better when they tell the truth, and they like that. So, what’s in it for Republicans? Nothing.

Does the GQP want to earn your respect, or at least some self-respect? Why bother? What has moral courage ever done for them? Ted Cruz would rather have money. When your check clears, his conscience clears. Josh Hawley fought to end our country, secure that friends would still show up when he makes it rain. Republicans realize that if the lie is big enough, everyone can make a fortune off it. There’s a gold rush in Maricopa. Facebook is already counting the new Big Lie money about to roll in. Everybody’s whatabouting to riches. Need a new lie? All they need to do is ask, and ask, until everyone is “just asking”. Once in power, lies can be declared truth, and truth… can be fixed. Liz Cheney has risen to the top of the Republican fixit list.

Former MI6 spy Christopher Steele has produced another unverified dossier, including the long-awaited sequel “Donald Trump Sex Tape: Number 2

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