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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin welcome you to the Cinco de Star Wars KITM Holiday Special — tomorrow: Revenge of the Sixth.

Joe Biden’s July 4 vaccination goals might have changed, but his pandemic safety goals have not. The vaccination rate is slowing, and so is the drop in cases. Pfizer expects to file for full US FDA approval of its Covid-19 vaccine for 16-to-85-year-olds, and soon the age will open up to 12-year-olds. We keep getting safer, but we need more, sooner.

Trombones just might clean up your town, but the latest in Harold Hills sell air cleaners to schools and institutions. How clean do you need your air? “Church clean”, or “restaurant clean”? What is ”safe” for you? With which lobbyist do you trust your health? There are many vaccine skeptics who have converted, but probably none have changed their minds based on the opinion of people they didn’t like. You should know that most will only end up following their flock to safety... Hey, is that what they mean by herd immunity?

The Republican herd runs amok here and there, but if reason, dignity, honor, and honesty can be avoided, there’ll be no problem. Liz Cheney has a problem. If Liz could only embrace just one big lie, all would be forgiven. If only Republicans could be as forgiving and forgetful as most in journalism, they could all move on. (We may be slowly moving from that journalism.)

The Proud Boys sold themselves as anti-communist freedom fighters, not to any normal people, but to rich Chinese ex-pats.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson calls bullshit on William Barr and demands that his secret memo to not charge Donald Trump with obstruction be released

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