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If you’re like me, you’ve been perfecting your lip-syncing to David Waldman’s two commercials that have played continuously for years and years of our KITM podcasts. Well, time is running out, as KITM is finally changing things up with the introduction of GUEST SPOKESPEOPLE — like you! To show you how its done, long-time listener/supporter Gil Aquino wrote and performed his very own minute commercial, David spiffed it up and it was just that easy. Try it!

Greg Dworkin could produce his own plug for the show, but he’s been busy rehearsing that ventriloquism act with Abby, and hauling in huge rafts of important news and punditry to share with us. Cancel culture claimed Republican Liz Cheney in a blink of an eye. Liz Cheney was no angel by the way. She is in fact, pretty awful. But, Liz’s latest stand might be more than that of a Never (again) Trumper. It wasn’t just about telling the “Big Truth”, but about any truth ever mattering again. Republicans are now for or against democracy. There is no room for a middle in the party anymore, even if there might be with their voters. The GQP will try to lie to the public, they might try to lie to themselves, but they can never trust each other again.

Joe Biden’s popularity is rising, because lies don’t work on Joe.

Republicans won’t need lies if they can change laws. Of course, they can’t change laws without a lot of lying. Roy Blunt wouldn’t give water to anyone he wasn’t trying to manipulate. Gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner assures voters that she’d rather golf than consider their issues, but probably just said that for the votes.

Evangelicals in Virginia apparently don’t care about the truth, or lies… or facts really. The NRA’s lies aren’t working at all anymore. The founder of Students for Trump lied so much that he lost track of who he was. He now has 13 months in prison to find himself.

An expert panel looking into the handling of the Covid pandemic have decided that “mistakes were made”… kind of like in Chernobyl. Plenty of Americans still want the vaccine, but as in voting, the problem is access.

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