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David Waldman, ensconced in the Costa Rican primeval, hidden amidst the elusive jaguar and agouti, remains unavailable for live broadcast. David did record several all-new snack-size KITMs for us... although this one is more or less the other half of yesterday’s Twix® on Pegasus, the spyware developed by the private Israel-based NSO Group to be sold and marketed only to good guys, never bad guys.

It is easy to tell the “good guys” around the UAE, as that is usually defined via heredity. Just ask Jamal Khashoggi… or at least, his wife, and his fiancé, whose phones were hacked with Pegasus software just prior to and following Khashoggi’s personal hacking in Istanbul.  Then there was Princess Haya Bint al Hussein, and Princess Latifa bint Mohammed al-Maktoum of Dubai, both considered naughty girls by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The fleeing Princesses were hunted down all over the world with the aid of Pegasus, and probably the helpful folks at the FBI.

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