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David Waldman leaves Costa Rica, where the dogs and busses can roam free, back to KITM World HeadquartersGreg Dworkin and our hungry ears:

Who didn’t know that sending the US into Afghanistan wasn’t a mistake thousands of lives and trillions of dollars ago? The biggest mistake was ever believing we could do enough over there to make up for that first mistake, without ever correcting that first mistake. George W. Bush put us in Afghanistan, but everyone who left us in Afghanistan is about as awful. Joe Biden was right to call off this charade now. No matter how wrong he was, Donald Trump was right to call for withdrawal. Of course, Donald was too chicken and too self-centered to actually do it. Getting innocents out would be our second step in the right direction.

Everyone knows the correct actions to handle COVID-19, as well. Some are pretending not to, some are hiding from the truth, some are hiding the truth. Covid reporting and tracking is breaking down, while any numbers that are reported are fought overPediatric Covid-19 hospitalizations soar, while Ron DeSantis will sell Regeneron to any embarrassed conservatives faced with dying to own libs. Trump promised Regeneron for free. He was lying, but doesn’t that count?

Cori Bush wants to demilitarize the police, and needs body guards, for the same reason. Meanwhile Marjorie Traitor Greene has another suspension from Twitter, 5-6 more strikes and she’s out.

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