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COVID sucks, and Greg Dworkin with David Waldman try to determine if this suckage will peak again soon. This time children are more involved, and that doesn’t just mean that more people are sick, but that a new range of stresses are being introduced to societal infrastructure just as kids go back to school. School boards in Florida are mandating masks, defying Governor Ron DeSantis’ authority. So is Joe Biden, who is preparing to take legal action, including deploying the Education Department’s civil rights enforcement arm, against DeSantis and other Govs blocking school masks. The GQP is losing the coronavirus mandate battle as red states lose the coronavirus infection battle and are beginning to get the picture on social responsibility.

Which brings us to the question of booster shots. Is it better to get boosters out to Americans, or first shots out to the rest of the world?

Most Americans are happy to get out of Afghanistan, and some are also glad to leave a lot of what they’d rather forget behind… such as the Afghans, for instance. We can do better.

A January 6 insurrectionist was just about to walk away with a misdemeanor, and he would’ve too, it it wasn’t for those meddlesome Sedition Hunters on the internet. Sedition hunting has become a fun and useful hobby for many, rewarding to the FBI, less productive for assholes.

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