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Back to COVID. It never left, but it sure is coming backDelta’s dawning through mostly red states, mostly red Senators and mostly red Representatives, taking more than a few to that mansion in the sky. People shaming unvaccinated and unmasked are now being shamed, because many unmasked and unvaccinated aren’t that capable of shame.

Revolutionary Floyd Ray Roseberry demanded Joe Biden’s resignation and Medicaid for All, for him. He got none of the above, crawling out on his hands and knees, not a very proud boy. Floyd’s revolution ended up being televised on Facebook for hours before someone got bored and turned it off. Marjorie Traitor Greene’s performance-enhanced rage getting swole the day before might have inspired Roseberry, or perhaps it was whatever stuff Don Jr. pushes. We may never know… Oh, wait, Floyd is alive and white, so he’ll be hosting an OAN hour by the weekend. Check out Kyle Rittenhouse, who was treated as a mass-shooter for about 10 minutes before being lionized, followed by think pieces thinking a fuller picture of the man-boy was due. Now it’s out that when Kyle wasn’t shooting people, he kind of wished he was.

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