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What’s happening today?

Most of the fun and profit in the AZ Fraudit, at least for the fraudsters, is in the fraud part, so it is understandable why they would want to delay releasing their results as long as possible. Three of the the AZ Fraudit Cyber Ninjas (Collect all their action figures!) have delayed the process even further by throwing themselves under the nearest hospital ventilators.

That stuff in Afghanistan is still happening.

Anti-vax sheep prefer sheep medicine.

Rudy Giuliani left his toenail clippers in the last IHOP.

So, you think Republicans have it tough under Donald Trump? Democrats have somehow have found themselves under the thumb of Joe Lieberman... The No Labels/Problem Solvers coup for now has been fought to a standstill. The Asshole Nine, plus Two don’t see Biden’s, Schumer’s or Pelosi’s goals as “winning”. In fact, they don’t see “winning” as winning, and progress doesn’t interest them as much as seeing Nancy Pelosi sweat. David Waldman and Joan McCarter attempt to measure how many dollars, minutes, and clauses separate the factions.

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