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David Waldman is still a little under the weather, but also now a little under the influence, OTC-wise, balancing out the entertainment levels in today’s KITM-NFTGreg Dworkin calls in, allowing David valuable tea-sipping time.

Winter is coming, which will increase the chances of transmitting, and being transmitted COVID. On the other hand, some projections show the pandemic declining. Unfortunately, the risk of being assaulted by an a pro-pandemic maniac keep increasing. The solution to that, and many related issues, won’t be coming from science.

Trump-fueled violence of all kinds isn’t over yet. The good news is that Donald Trump might be over soonLongtime Gop operatives have finally been charged with funneling rubles to Donald. Federal prosecutors have waited until the last moment to charge Trump, which ends up being the best moment.

Speaking of Russia, John Durham was sent out to avenge Donald Trump’s honor, and as expected, didn’t come back with much.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi announced that they have a framework for their infrastructure package, surprising Democrats. Some plan is better than none at all, which is usually the plan. Moderates always want the status quo, which no one is offering anymore.

Republican or Democrat, if you want democracy, there’s only one ticket.

Zut alors! Is this lover’s spat between France and us, our fault or theirs? You really can’t fault Australia for wandering, after how they’ve been treated.

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