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Thank God it’s KITM, David Waldman, and Friday:

John Eastman, Federalist Society benefactor and beneficiary, remembers himself as the hero of January 6. Eastman’s memory is less than photographic, as it seems he wrote a memo advocating the opposite of what he now says.

Matt Gaetz finds himself so screwed right now, even without having to go to an ATM! In fact, the DOJ hooked a couple more prosecutors to that train he’s pulling.

Someone is demanding Loudoun County school board's superintendent resign over allegations…. misleading, inaccurateunsubstantiated allegations... but if you are as thirsty as Republicans are for Virginia, that’s good enough for you.

Colin Powell did plenty right, a bunch wrong, but a lot of it very important to many people.

President Joe Biden could be our filibuster-buster, which is good and all, but give him a moment, he’s got a few things on his plate right now.

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