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David Woooo Waldman and Greg Devilishly Dworkin pack up after another successful war on Halloween, ready to take on National Deep Fried Clams Day along with the latest news:

President Joe Biden pounded the final nail into the coffin of Halloween, ghosting the holiday for a climate meeting in Scotland. Donald Trump always can be relied upon to creep that festive spirit, however.

In Virginia, Terry McAuliffe and Glenn Youngkin finish their gubernatorial race in a statistical dead heat… and you Democrats know how that is never a great place to be. Yep, Youngkin lied in his last ad, but Donald Trump is already confident enough to ooze up and take credit for Youngkin’s win, while of course hedging too, because he doesn’t love Glenn that much, ya pervert. To be safe, Youngkin continues to misspell “Loudoun county” to keep up his illiterate Trump cred.

Loudoun schools still do not offer a “Whites are Evil” curriculum. Certainly, “Whites are Saviors” has been a staple in public schools for generations. “Christians as Liberators” and “Males are Protectors” courses will also continue to be fundamental education. By the way, if you need to name an important female scientist, Eunice Foote would be a fine choice. The father of the Loudoun County girl sexually assaulted there believes that Loudoun county would be a bad venue for his trial on disorderly conduct.

The Washington Post put together an investigation into the causes, cost and aftermath of the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol so big and consequential no paywall could hold it.  January 6 was plotted in plain sight. Red flags were everywhere, and ignored by the Trump administration and the FBI. Not ignored by Donald Trump, he exploited them just like everything else. Kevin McCarthy and Lindsey Graham each had a short, momentary change of opinion for that moment when it was their asses going into the grinder. Michael Flynn, a spy, recruited other traitorous spies, as spies do. 

The company that holds the software license for Trump’s new social network just wants them to tell the truth.

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