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David Waldman and Joan McCarter celebrate All Souls Day, while also observing Election Day in the traditional Democratic manner, wringing their hands and checking the polls.

Virginia, beautiful this time of year, seems to be becoming dumber every minute. Uppity race theories and imaginary skirt wearing rapists are driving Republicans crazy to the polls, threatening Democrats across the board. Donald Trump rallied for Glenn Youngkin, by utilizing the miracle of the internet. Actually, Donald only ever rallies for himself, and Trump only wins when everyone else loses.

The FEC figures foreign money’s as good as any in U.S. referendum campaigns.

Oregon historic preservation committee was meeting to nominate sites associated with local African-American history, but was interrupted by an anti-CRT patriot/racist asshole’s “bias attack”.

Florida University blocked its professors from testifying against Ron DeSantis’ voter-suppression law, as it would go against the school’s interest to come into conflict with his administration.

 Joe Manchin, pretty much the textbook example of stupidity, blows up infrastructure week, again, while he thinks it over some more. Other than that... and a few other negligible details like climate, prescription drugs and immigration and that thing’s ready to go. President Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are keeping immigration in the bill, which the Senate Parliamentarian isn’t going to like, but who cares? Everyone knew Elizabeth MacDonough’s opinion on immigration before she even had the job.

Constitutional change is coming sooner than most think. It’s not like they’re the Articles of Confederation or something.

Jan. 6 investigators postponed pushing for Trump White House records because it might be messy and time-consuming, and who wants that? If rioters keep getting wrist slaps, wrist slaps will be all anyone will ever get.

Over three quarters of a million Americans have died from COVID-19 so far. The latest hundred thousand or so have turned out to be more young, Southern, rural, white, etc., etc.. Meanwhile, NYC workers march across Brooklyn Bridge to get their last minute vaccine shot so that they can hold on to their jobs.

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