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There was that election in Virginia. There are many takeaways, and there were many takes this morning. No hot takes here on today’s KITM though, just very cool ones from David Waldman and Greg Dworkin:

Glenn Youngkin won the governorship of Virginia by being connected in no way to Donald Trump, with the exception of just enough of the right people to push his margins up in just the right places. Loudoun county, home of KITM World Headquarters, stood proud against the onslaught, but still lost 15 points. Youngkin picked up the rural votes Dems leave on the table these days, and with them, a whole lot of Karens and their husbands. Point out CRT gaslighting to white suburban moms and you’ll be accused of indoctrinating children to Critical Gender Theory.

Perhaps Virginia isn’t the nation. Dems will probably squeak by in New Jersey. Wisconsin couldn’t oust its school board members. Republicans lost in Connecticut… but not just to Democrats. In Buffalo, Democratic Socialist India Walton won the primary, but might have lost the election when voters wrote down Byron Brown.

Is it time for Democrats to just give up? Probably not. David takes us back, back to the Constitutional Convention... no, even further back to the Articles of Confederation to get a clue on what can be done, and how to do it.

The Arizona Fraudit was quoted at 150 thousand, and came in around $9 million. Good thing Trumpers are a forgiving lot.

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