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As you might know, KITM stands for “KITM Is Totally iMpressive”, which David Waldman with Greg Dworkin demonstrate aptly this Monday.

President Joe Biden capped off the the last four years of Infrastructure Week quite nicely, by pushing through an historic infrastructure bill. Joe had some help of course, with even a few Republicans chipping in. Don’t worry, the others will all have their hands out when the fixes are divvied up. Joe also also brought in a half million jobs — in August! And, ended the war in Afghanistan. What can’t that guy do? Convince the press that this isn’t a disaster for Democrats. Joe’s polls will go up once the news catches on, and people see whose side he’s on. Biden’s vaccine mandate isn’t really a vaccine mandate, by the way.

Hey, what’s in that infrastructure bill, anyway? Well, you could read it… or just move on to the reconciliation bill, everybody else is, and it’s pretty cool too! Infrastructure needs to look forward to our electric future, and the Infrastructure bill does just that. The Tesla company is interested in an electric future for their sexy S, 3, X, and Y models (See what they did there?) and has been handling the infrastructure for a while. It’s even thinking of sharing some of it. 7-11 is adding chargers to its convenience stores. Tesla might add convenience stores to its chargers.   

New Jersey’s governor has flipped from red to blue as far back as David can remember, and David can remember back a long way. Are Republican and Democratic governors pretty much the same, like states and commonwealths? Um, no. Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey is routing federal coronavirus relief funding into anti-mask schools for example.

Republicans are certain to set themselves apart in memorable ways. An eighth-grader recorded his teacher going over a list of beliefs that might make Marjorie Traitor Greene blush. Paul Gosar fan-fics about killing AOC. There ends up being a limit to the amount of shame the University of Florida can take.

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