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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin. What more can be said? (About two hours worth.)

For a moment on January 6, Mike Pence broke from the Mo’ai character he’d mastered, as he hid in the basement from a literal lynch mob. Word has it, that Pence couldn’t go to his offices that day, as his access badges had been deactivated that morning. Mike and Ayanna Pressley might actually have something they can commiserate on.

January 6 is clearly about more than what happened that day, and the January 6 panel knows that, as shown by their subpoena choices. David takes a nostalgic tour of the Trump gang members already named, and stops on Johnny “The F’ing Idiot” McEntee, a chief enforcer aiming to be Capo Bastone of the Trump crime family. Alas, with his hot head Johnny could never be made.

Trump’s no Capone, but at this rate could arrive at a crypt before a jail cellHistory will, of course demand to know why we didn’t hang Trump, but really, Donald deserves to live as long as everything he will be sentenced to. The same goes for his pals too.

You know who would purposely terrify U.S. election officials? Terrorists. Reuters found that their reporters were able to trace back previously “untraceable” harassers by calling their phones. The NRA debated doing the right thing after Columbine, but you know how that turned out.

Think racism put Glenn Youngkin in office? Well, if you ask suburban women voters if their racism guided their vote, they will tell you no, it was gas prices. Democrats will tell you, some of their best friends are Black. It’s just that one day soon, they’ll have to prove that. Here, let Joe Biden show you how it’s done.

The reasons Congress finally passed an infrastructure bill boil down to that they were scared not to. Now, if they can only be frightened into building back better.

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