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The ol’ Twitter inbox was stuffed to overflowing this Veterans Day. But it was politics and pandemic, as usual, for Greg Dworkin.

Looks like the pandemic situation in FÜBAR (Fahrvergnügen Beyond All Recognition) in Germany (and maybe more of Western Europe, again). Fingers crossed for those COVID antiviral pills, because the horse paste isn’t working, and now they have to admit it. Although FOX viewers probably just won’t.

It’s finally time for The Former Guy to appeal the decision in his “executive privilege” case.

White people! Amirite? Well, maybe, maybe not. But the important thing is not to admit it’s possible to be wrong.

The BFD bills are popular. But now that the BIF is done, Joe Manchin wants you to worry that the BBB is inflationary. But “even the liberal” Larry Summers says it’s not.

As you know, it really burns me up when people don’t know their procedure. Especially when it’s Members and Congressional reporters. But just because they won’t lose their committee seats doesn’t mean Republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill won’t be stabbed in the back front.

But speaking of being burned up, Republicans are in serious danger of overheating in the wake of Virginia’s elections.

More on the smarmy Coalition Provisional Authority sequel that was Johnny McEntee’s (Gesta)PPO operation.

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