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Friday! What did David Waldman talk about today? Don’t ask him — I know!

Donald Trump thinks “Hang Mike Pence” has sort of a nice ring to it, and that sensible people really should get on to it next time they have a chance. John Eastman not only had a plan for Mike Pence to overthrow the 2020 election, he helped assemble plans to stage a not-so-bloodless coup across the United States. Marjorie Traitor Greene has a habit of targeting lynch mobs at those who miff her. Fellow Republicans have her take their calls. Vladimir Putin’s out there taking notes.

Will serving all of these subpoenas scratch our due process itch, or do we require just a touch more justice? Mark Meadows would be a fine start.

Once a mass shooter bags their first casualty, can’t all the rest that follow be considered “standing your ground”? sobs Kyle Rittenhouse, the New York Times’ “Sexiest Man”… Alive, that is. Kyle needs all of this to blow over before he delivers the commencement address for the University Of Austin.

You can’t fire that rogue anti-vax San Francisco cop, he’ll quit first! No, wait. He didn’t last long enough to quit. COVID still surges through the US, they just haven’t given this surge a number yet. In France they call it a “Numéro cinq”. Whatever they’re calling it in Germany, it doesn’t sound pleasantBrad Parscale was smart enough to stay away from Trump’s hoi polloi since Tulsa.

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