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David Waldman delivers an ostensibly Monday KITM while Greg Dworkin brings us a raft o’stories , and input for our KITM World Headquarters redesign.

Donald Trump thinks Mike Pence is a great guy and a great vice president, and should be hanged. He gave Mike the choice… Well, “patriotism” was “one” of the choices, and that’s sort of what Mike thought he had picked. Pence, however wasn’t reading the room (a room that should have been padded, btw). Mike must have gotten the memo, to understand it wasn’t high school civics class anymore. Pence also must have read the Claremont Institute’s circle jerk fanfic of the Turner Diaries that they made into a post election apocalyptic action plan, with Republican allies supplying the apocalypse

Chris Christie used to hate Trump, which is not to say he didn’t use to love Trump, that is, Christie hates Trump, but will go full Lindsey if really he has to. Steve Bannon surrendered to federal authorities, again —  which is of course, great news for Steve Bannon! May Steve and Donald enjoy good fortune like this for years to come. Kyle Rittenhouse proves that young white men with guns have always been right all along… So, why do Democrats let Republicans set the terms of the debate, anyhow? Will Republicans ever become sick of winning? Probably not, since winning is just so easy for them.

When will COVID end? Donald Trump built the infrastructure for coronavirus sturdy enough to last for generations. For the ten millionth time people, it’s not like the flu, except for the “dimwits not getting vaccinated” part. Vaccines help prevent transmission. Vaccines don’t make cow babies. Bathing in borax after vaccination allows you to avoid COVID infection, and save face by washing away the tyranny.

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