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On today’s KITM David Waldman presents both sides, give or take:

A Russian anti-satellite test was successful. Now we can see how effective it is on the International Space Station, although that isn’t really hard to imagine already. Russia claims Elon Musk would hijack cruise missiles, if Musk ever felt like being a Bond villain... which he often does. Of course, once Elon does go supervillain, there will be a lot of sequels in the works. For instance, Alex Jones could be a supervillain, if but for the lack of money, intelligence or a single redeemable characteristic. Soon, Jones’ money will reach zero as well. Steve Bannon just wishes he could be that evil.

Donald Trump is that evil, and then some, shutting down COVID-19 planning as soon as it started. Trump ended up too villainous for even Steve Mnuchin and Mike Pompeo. Steve and Mike had some intern google the 25th Amendment once January 6 really sunk in on them. Trump might be temporarily at bay, but there are still waves of henchmen to fight, threatening retribution. Things are looking dark for our heroes, but if they act quickly they can still turn it around.

A sudden plot twist occurs, as the new commander of the Oklahoma National Guard goes rogue, and halts vaccine mandates. He will soon find himself outnumbered.

In a fully expected turn of events, Joan McCarter made an appearance for KITM’s 4th act, but then she delivered a new curveball, announcing the departure of the Senate’s longest-serving member, Patrick Leahy. Nancy Pelosi is locking the doors on the House until her members get their act together on Build Back Better. Chuck Schumer was celebrating our new infrastructure bill, but then the boss told him to put down the fork and cake and get back to work. FTC zombies continue to rise up, and that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later If Marjorie Traitor Greene and Andrew Clyde keep racking up fines for refusing masks, why even let them in the door?

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