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David Waldman makes it look easy… well, pretty easy:

In one of the first big wins of the Harris administration, Build Back Better passed the House. Kevin McCarthy wanted everyone to see how Trumpy he could be, so he yelled incoherent lies for a few hours. No one was impressed, and nothing was changed. Kevin and Kyrsten Sinema can go around pretending they did something today.

Wisconsin Republicans introduced a resolution that the sun will rise in the West until Donald Trump is president again. If that doesn’t work, the county sheriff will arrest election workers. If that doesn’t work, they have some other plans. Can you believe, Arizona was even worse?

The Trump administration hoped COVID-19 would exterminate pesky blue voters, but while the blues followed the advice of Anthony Fauci, the red voters listened to their cousin that did his research.

There’s a bit of a backlog in getting Black men exonerated in America, but once Netflix got involved, the process was expedited for the two men convicted of killing Malcolm X in 1965.

Why are energy prices so high? The answers are complex, but Beto O’Rourke points to the lingering effects of the “Abbott Tax”, and the weakest link of our supply chain, the Texas power grid

Look here Russia, who you jiving with that cosmic debris?

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